Pete McKenna – Author

Pete McKenna – Author

Pete McKenna – Currently living in Spain with my partner Karmen Del Castillo. Started writing in 1995 after getting laid off work. Completed my first book Nightshift which is a gritty hardhitting recollection of the 70’s northern soul scene published in 1996 that started the ball rolling. Interests include music, film, theatre, reading, writing, travel, military history, wining and dining with good friends, quality clobber, classic scooters and cars. Favourite writers include John King, Stewart Home, Richard Allen, Sven Hassell, Christopher Ishewrood, Philip Kerr, Johnny Glynn, Anthony Burgess, William Golding, Aldous Huxley, Richard Rayner, Evelyn Waugh. Hopes – to keep healthy happy and writing. Fears – dying before completing the book I want to write and that one day the English people will wake up too late to change what’s going on here and now. Lions led by Donkeys once again.

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