Talcott Levy – Author

Talcott Levy – Author

Talcott Levy grew up in London’s biggest Jewish community in the East End suburbs. In the politically turbulent 80’s he witnessed a great deal of racism and was subject to anti-Semitism. He was drawn to the second wave of mod not only by the clothes and the music but because it also offered an alternative to the grey, ugly world around him. The mod scene gave him an identity and a curiosity. This eventually led to discovering a love of modernist American culture and literature.

This passion eventually took him on to university, where he has been ever since. But despite publishing in his academic field (under his known name), Talcott has always wanted to pay homage to his first passion. Weekend Dancer is his first novel and it comes from the heart. A thank you to youth, those that lived it with him and to the music and sub-culture that inspired a working-class boy to make good.

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